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Kunshan Super-Micro Precision Electronic Co., a professional IC, LED, COB and other packaging accessories manufacturer, specializing in providing suitable for ASM, K & S, ESEC, SHINKAWA, TOSOK, PHILIPS, AMI, FOTON, ALPHASEM, NEC, MATSUSHITA, NICHIDEN, private consumption of material with a high precision machining TOSHIBA, ZEVATEC, TEXAS iNSTRUMENTS, MANUAL VACUUM WAND and other imported brands of semiconductor devices and other electronic SMT placement equipment, tools, supplies, special processing run; I have a number of practitioners in Singapore 10 years of senior engineer and a number of imported processing equipment and testing equipment; core products are: various wIRE BOND lead frame plate, sparking rod EFO, pull crochet wIRE HOOK, push knives, chopper screws; DIE BOND chip placement various types of rubber nozzle device, tungsten steel nozzle, bakelite nozzle, tungsten steel thimble and a base; various fixed glue or solder dispensing head, die head; dicing machine of cutting wafers (ceramics) sucker, and various test fixture fixtures. Since its inception has been, many famous enterprises recognition and support; we have the spirit of "excellence, innovation and pragmatic" attitude and is committed to providing "good quality, good service, fast delivery, low price" products more good service to our customers, to provide better solutions.
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