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How to judge good or bad quality of tungsten steel nozzle?

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       Since entering 2016, with the domestic LED industry, our country has given a lot of policy support, along with related industries flourished. In LED related accessories industry, the tungsten steel nozzle production and sales have gone up. To Shenzhen, the large and small companies have also set up into the nozzle tungsten steel production and sales. Yield, and a variety of products such as Zhaopin release on ships filled with muddy water with under this market.
       Today, audio and special electronic products sales engineers based on the current situation, summing up the past tungsten steel nozzle product awareness, combined with special electronic sound quality tungsten steel thimble, to give you a little advice to buy tungsten steel thimble, I hope everyone in polish his eyes when purchasing products, carefully screened quality tungsten steel thimble.
       First, tungsten steel nozzle. This first production of raw materials must be clarified tungsten steel, tungsten steel emphasis in the above. Therefore, in the purchase of high-tungsten steel thimble is selected certain purity, good quality tungsten steel production materials. Usually in the product specification are stated percentage of tungsten steel content. Consumers can correspond to the percentage level of quality tungsten steel.
       Second, the problem of the nozzle. Quality nozzle with wear, high temperature and other characteristics. Combined with tight, easy to learn is drawn objects, has a transfer speed and smooth transfer process. If you buy some tungsten steel nozzle does not have these capabilities, it is probably a product failure.
       Third, the most important feature is characteristic of tungsten steel nozzle tungsten steel with a hardness of diamonds in general, it is not generally possible to substitute other materials. Moreover, the price will be relatively high, after all product quality and shelf life of products placed there.
       Kunshan Precision Electronics Co., tiny tungsten steel nozzle product is complete, the product line is very long. Basically able to adapt to different tungsten steel nozzle customer's individual needs, we can also custom mold according to the specific requirements of customers, to meet customer requirements and the required product quality requirements. (Kunshan Precision Electronics Co., tiny)
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