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Soldering of electronic components

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Electric soldering iron is an essential element of the assembly process, to ensure the quality of its electronic products play a key role.
1. The welding is preferably rosin, retinol or acid-free solder. Not use acid flux, welding or else it will place etched.
2. Before welding, the first place to be welded with a knife scrape ftech metallic luster, coated with solder, and then coated with a layer of solder.
3. When welding electric iron should be sufficient heat in order to ensure the quality of welding, Weld and prevent falling desoldering.
4. iron welding at the residence time should not be too long.
5. After leaving the soldering iron welding, welded parts can not be moved immediately, because otherwise leaving parts not yet solidified solder sealing off easy.
6. The nozzle element docking terminal is best to twist and then on the tin.
7. When welding high-temperature devices such as transistors afraid, preferably with a square nose pliers or tweezers transistor pinout, but also master the welding time.
8. The semiconductor device welding nozzle is preferable to use smaller low-temperature welding wire, welding time is shorter (small Kunshan Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.)
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