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SMT production of static electricity protection and elimination

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A, SMT placement machine production in two electrostatic protection methods:
    (1) SMT equipment and the tool surface should have a good grounding of a company is based on national standards, the use of buried earth wire cloth, set up static pile method, to ensure the company's production sites have a separate ground connection line structure. AC impedance meter to measure the impedance of static grounding line and the ground between the pile and the earth is less than 10 ω, in order to meet antistatic standards.
    (2) by 1 mω resistance grounding approach to a variety of work surfaces, mats for protection also includes employees using static wrist strap on the human body are protected by a 1 mω resistance grounding approach. By 1 mω resistance grounding is to head to the ground to ensure that leakage current of less than 5 ma. This method is also known as the soft ground.
    (3) the proper use of anti-static material according to (sj / t10630-1995) SMT nozzle electronic components manufacturing anti-static technical requirements, the production process in smt must be used by surface resistivity 105 ~ 108 ω · cm anti-static material for each kinds of packaging materials and utensils turnover.

Second, the two kinds of SMT placement machine production static elimination method:
    (1) if the conductor with static electricity, you can connect the ground wire in the form of an electrostatic flow back into the earth, pay attention to prevent leakage current is too fast, too much harm to the ssd device. Electrostatic voltage must be reduced to 100 v or less safe range within 1 s. Usually in order to safe operation, the connection object and the earth wire through 1 mω current limiting resistor, the discharge current is limited to 5 ma or less.
    (2) electrostatic insulated object Remedy: Increase the humidity in the workplace, so that the surface is not easy to build up an electrostatic charge. Also allows the surface conductivity of the non-conductive material to improve and accelerate the flow of charge. Using static elimination active agents, often the object and instrument to scrub the surface, electrostatic charge can quickly remove all kinds of surfaces. Installation near the workbench and use Mounter nozzle head ion wind Tsui, the use of high voltage from the electrostatic charge on the air and surface charge and phase, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity, fast, stable characteristics. Easy to produce an electrostatic charge on the device, it can be used to shield the electrostatic shield and ground connections. (Kunshan Precision Electronics Co., tiny)
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