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Seven benefits of ceramic nozzle cleaning machine

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   1. The size of the elements: the miniaturization of components will require corresponding SMT ceramic nozzle should be downsized, which gives the ceramic nozzle cleaning brought problems, if a large ceramic nozzle can also paint on alcohol wash, fine needle through-hole method was, now small SMT nozzle aperture of only a few microns to do anything at all.
    2. The smaller pitch: Modern electronic devices require smaller and more compact, more powerful and therefore more dense circuit board components, spacing smaller, if the past is slightly flat patch will not affect too poor Great, but now it may be embarked on a neighbor's territory, resulting in increase of the product defect rate.
    3. Lead-free effect: As good lead active, if a little deviation patch after reflow can also be corrected, but after a lead-free copper activity greatly diminished, if the patch deviations occur, that there is no chance of a correction.
    4. Reduce the ceramic nozzle acquisition costs: ceramic nozzle scrapped, often due to too dirty, or related incidents arising therefrom.
    5. Reduce unnecessary artificial: the traditional cleaning methods require a lot of manual processing, the use of KC600, need never hand, all to the machine to complete.
    6. reduce product defect rate ceramic nozzle not clean the suction is not strong and is likely to cause the sliding element butt phenomenon occurs, resulting in increase of the product defect rate.
    7. improve SMT production efficiency. Proper cleaning of the ceramic nozzle maintain the new state to work, to avoid recognition errors, greatly increase productivity. (Kunshan Precision Electronics Co., tiny)
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