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Electronic components Basics

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Basic electronic components on its role is to impede the flow of current. Measure resistor two basic parameters are resistance and power. Resistance resistor is used to indicate the size of the current hindered by ohms. In addition to the basic unit, there kilohms and Meg. Power is used to indicate the resistor can withstand the maximum current, Watts said there were 1 / 16W, 1 / 8W, 1 / 4W, 1 / 2W, 1W, 2W other, to the maximum value resistor on It will burn. Depending on the production of materials resistor, cement resistor (low production cost, power, and thermal noise, the resistance is not precise enough, job insecurity), carbon film resistors, metal film resistors (small, stable, low noise, high precision) and metal oxide film resistors and the like. According to its resistance can be divided if the variable trim resistor, adjustable resistors, potentiometers and the like. (Kunshan Precision Electronics Co., tiny)
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