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Micro switch meaning and application notes

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    Micro-switch is a pressure actuated fast switching, also known as sensitive switch. One kind of stroke is very small, the main instantaneous action of that electrical micro switch contact switch is a small, hand gently touches turned on, the factory used as a large short-circuit inside the switch, over-current protection. When the external mechanical force at the time of the operation button, operation button then moves downward, the spring stretched by retractors. When the spring is pulled after a certain length, the rapid downward movement of the movable spring, moving the right end of the reed contact turning the normally open contact with the following contacts in order to achieve conversion circuit. If the external force is removed, the spring restoring force, and instantaneously convert the contacts. Plus install some wheel or compact, can be derived from other types of micro switch structure can be adapted to different uses. Widely used in mouse, household appliances, industrial machinery, motorcycles, and other places, the switch is small, but plays an irreplaceable role. (Kunshan Precision Electronics Co., tiny)
    Micro switch works is: by external mechanical force transmission elements (by pin, button, lever, wheel, etc.) will force on the reed movement and energy accumulation after critical point, resulting in instantaneous action, action to make the reed end of the movable contact with the fixed contacts quickly turn on or off. When the force on the transmission components removed, the action force reeds produce the reverse action, when the drive element reaches the reverse stroke reed movement critical point, instantaneous reverse action. Micro switch contact spacing is small, short stroke action, according to power a small, on-off quickly. Dynamic contact movement speed and movement independent of the speed transmission components. Micro switch pin to press the basic formula, short lines of code can be derived from the button, the button accusing him of programs, large lines of code button, scroll wheel button type, reed roller, roller lever, short jib, jib length and many more. Micro-switches in the electronic equipment and other equipment for the frequent need for access circuit automatic control and safety protection devices. Micro switch is divided into large, medium, small, divided according to different needs can have a waterproof (in liquid environments) and ordinary type, the switch connecting the two lines, to provide power through the control of electrical appliances, machinery and so on.
    While the micro switch controls, but also the use of the throttle opening of the throttle control cable cam to achieve. Micro-switches installed in the appropriate position on the spreader cam when the throttle cable cam return, against the micro switch arm off solenoid power relay, the relay off to stop power supply to the electric turbine, make the product stop working. Similarly, when you open the throttle, throttle cable release cam arm micro switch, micro switch is closed, turn on the relay electromagnetic coil power, the relay is closed, the electric power supply to the turbine, the product work. Using different engine speed drop-down Cam where to touch micro switch is open or closed, you can achieve artificially control the electric turbocharger switching time. (Kunshan Precision Electronics Co., tiny)
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